Strokes – 15 Minutes tab

Intro: E|--------------|B|--7~----------|G|--7~----------|D|--------------|A|--------------|E|---------5~---|
D Bm A I was all just a dream, Oh no G A7 The worst it was real D Bm A All my pets they were there and they smiled G A7 Take a seat it looks fine dedilhado:
D E7 Everybody so inviting E7 A They got it in for me I know E7 It's not that I don't really love you A It's just that I don't really know E7 The hateful things you think you want to say A7 Time will turn them into jokes - yeah D Bm A If it was all just a dream, Oh no G A7 Was it real? I don't know ( I hope so) D Bm A If it was you were on there with me G A Overjoyed in a peach D Bm A Here we go. Can I play? Can I watch? C9 G D He would like one more night in your life D Bm A I saw the worlds, they don't stop, they're like us C9 G D They go fast, like a Sun that's been shot A Everybody at the party D Shouldn't worry if I'm there D A Cause today they'll talk about us D And tomorrow they won't careeeeeeeee D Bm A "03:25
D This whole life, Bm A7 Is it a dream? I can't tell C9 G D I got up then I waved, then I fell D Bm A I recall, you were all there with me D Bm A Overjoyed and at peace G C First time around Second took so long Third time's a charm Circle of fourths Five days to rehearse Six to make it work Seven notes in a scale Eight in some countries Nine in fancy keys Ten years we've been friends Eleven seconds to hell And of course twelve major chords --------------------------------------------- by miguelitA^^ thanks =^^=
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