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Date: Fri, 26 Jan 1996 07:08:17 +0100
From: Juergen Helmers 
Subject: CRD: "the whole point of no return" by "The Style Council"

This is another song of "the Style Council" which is one of my very
favourites of the band. The lyrics here are the original ones
as performed on their fist album "Cafe Bleu".
I arranged the song for myself referring to a beautifull live-tape
I recorded from the radio (Live in London, Albert Hall, spring '87).
So the orginal may differ a little bit, as the text of the live recording
is totally different...

The whole point of no return - the Style Council        (P. Weller)


am7                                bm7

Repeat, and use this with few modifications for the whole song. am7 bm7 The Lords and Ladies pass a ruling. am7 bm7 The sons and girls go hand in hand, am7 bm7 From good stock and the best breeding, am7 Gmaj7 Paid for by the servile class, Cmaj7 D Who have been told, or lie in state bm7 To bow down forth and face their fate. Cmaj7 D Oh it's so easy. Oh, so easy. am7 bm7 am7 bm7 am7 bm7 All righteousness they build thy arrow, am7 bm7 To shoot it straight into their lies. am7 bm7 Who would expect the might sparrow am7 Gmaj7 Could rid the world of all their kind? Cmaj7 D Rising up and taking back bm7 The property of ev'ry man. Cmaj7 D It's so easy. Oh, so easy. am7 bm7 am7 bm7 Cmaj7 D Rising up to break this thing. bm7 From family trees the dukes do swing. Cmaj7 D Just one blow to scratch the itch. bm7 The law's made for 'em by the rich. Cmaj7 D It would be easy. So, so easy. am7 bm7 am7 bm7 Hope you enjoy this... Juergen -- Juergen Helmers Inst. f. Biochemie Lab: + 49 30 8445-2737 FU BERLIN home:+ 49 177 205 33 16
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