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From HENNESSE@HUSC15.HARVARD.EDU Fri Apr 14 11:33:51 1995
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 1995 10:35:33 -0400 (EDT) 
From: Mod Machine 
Cc: Sugar Mailing List 
Subject: Slim tabs wishes granted 

Here's my version, hope you like it:

The chord changes are rather simple, it's pretty much a drone chord with 
a walking bass-line.

This is the verse, like I say, a drone chord with a descending bass line 
(The notes above the tab is the bass note)

			       1/3         2/4			       

     A/E      C       B         G           D
||e---O---|---O---|---O---| |---O---|| ||---O---||||b---O---|---O---|---O---| |---O---|| ||---O---||||g---4---|---4---|---4---| |---4---|| ||---7---||||d---2---|---X---|---X---| |---O---|| ||---O---||||a---O---|--h3---|---2---| |---X---|| ||---5---||||E---X---|---X---|---X---| |---3---|| ||---X---||
The first and third times through, the riff goes to the 'G', whilst the second and third times, it slides up to the 'D' bit. An example (using the bass notes to deliniate the changes): A/E C B Do you know Where you're going G Do you know where you've been A/E C B Is it simple? Is it simple D The chances seem so slim Etcetera... (pardon, but I can't remember the lyrics. I apologise for any lyrical bollocksings up). Now, the chorus: The chords are (yes, dearies, real chords for the chorus!): Fmaj7 Em Emaj C9 Dsus2
So, here's how it works: Fmaj7 Em Em-h-Emaj Iiiiiiiiiii'm Left behind Fmaj7 Em Em-h-Emaj Left behind, left behind It's a matter of time Fmaj7 Em Em-h-Emaj Your protection from injection My projection C9 Dsus2 Ejected from the slide Ejected from the slide And that's all folks. Listen to the record for the form (verse chorus verse, as a great man once said), and at the fade out, marriage bit at the end, play the verse chord sequence, but don't go up to the 'D' bit, keep repeating the riff with the 'G' ending! Have loadsa fun... Tara, Sean
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