Sweet Matthew – Ive Been Waiting tab

Title: I've Been Waiting
Artist: Toni Gonzaga

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Intro: F-C-Bb-C 2x

F              C     Bb               C
After all the rain, and after all the pain
 F         C              Bb         C           
A brand new day is here, for me to start
F            C
You light feed my soul

Bb              C           F           C 
It's shinning in my heart, a brand new day is here
       Bb  C         Bb         
for us to start, you and me together
                 Bm    C    Gm                
Is gonna be like harmony you and me forever
                    Bb C
Will always be a symphony


          F-Am         Bb        C
I've been waiting, waiting for so long
           F Am            Bb          
I've been longing, I've been hoping for you
  C                  Gm           Am
To comes along, I finally found my song and it's you

              Bb               C                    F Am Bb C
I've been searching, Ive been waiting for someone like you

 F                        Bb           C
Many times I've failed, Failen almost everytime
 F             C
You held my hand and dried
 Bb            C                  
The tears in my eyes, and evertdat that passed
Bb                C
Were spent waiting waiting for you
F             Am                 Bb         C
You saved this heart of mine, with love to true
 Gm                                       Dm   C           
Thoughts of us together, brightens up my darkest days
Bb                    C
I can never find my way

(repeat chorus)


Dm                 C
So hard to hope and wait for love
Gm                      Am
But I'll go through it all again
  Bb                C
If I knew that It was you...
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