Sweetnam Skye – I Dont Care tab

Skye Sweetnam
I Don't Care
Noise from the Basement
2004 Capitol Records

Chords Used:Am- x02210G- 320003F- 133211C- x32010Dm- xx0231
Intro: Am-G-F (x4)
Oh Oh wo wo.. Verse 1: Am G F Wrap me up so superficial Am G F Tied up nicely with a bow Don't I look pretty? Am G F Doesn't bark bites really hard Superficial Am G F You make me mark cover up the scar Superficial Chorus: C What's wrong with me? Dm What's wrong with me? Am F What's wrong with me you say? C I say nothing Dm I say nothing Am G I was meant to be this way F G Punishment must suit the crime F G I'm wasting all your precious time F G I Don't Care Am I just don't care Verse 2: Am G F Screaming out for your attention Am G F Ignoring every single word Will I ever be heard? Am G F A bitter taste I can't erase Your attention Am G F I'm fighting for a hopeless case Your attention (Repeat Chorus) Interlude:
e|-------------------------------B|-------------------------------G|-------------------------0-0-2-D|-------------0-0-0-2-2-2------- (x2)A|-0-0-0-3-3-3-------------------E|-------------------------------
(Repeat Intro once) Bridge: Am G As the world tilts milk is spilt F But I'm not gonna cry Am G No use fighting gravity F So I'm not gonna try (Repeat Chorus twice) (Repeat Interlude)
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