Sweetnam Skye – Im Just A Girl tab

Skye Sweetnam
I'm Just a Girl
2000 EMI
submitted by canuck_inbred@yahoo.com
Hey!!! This is one of her earliest songs ever recorded

Tuning: Capo on 1st fret Actually this was played on bass but It's also playable on
guitar like this. Enjoy xoxo!!!

Intro Part 1: G-D/F#-C (x2)

Intro Part 2: G-D/F#-Am (x2)

Verse 1: G D/F# I'm just a girl Am Don't want to be fly or high G Or go with any guy D/F# Am Who wants me to be his sugarbaby G D/F# I'm just a girl Am Don't wanna be hit G I'm not your chick so get a grip D/F# Am You've gotta be fine to get a maybe Chorus: C G/B I want to be D Anything I want to be C G/B Why can't you see D There are so many possibilities C G/B Do you even know D Em-G/B-C There are a million places we can go D Yeah yeah yeah yeah (Repeat Intro Part 2) Verse 2: G D/F# I'm just a girl Am G Don't needed the floss to be the boss of anything D/F# Am I've already got what I've been wanting G D/F# I'm just a girl Am G I want to be me and have a personality D/F# Am I don't get attention just by flaunting (Repeat Chorus) Rap: G D/F# I want to be only me Am I want to show a little bit of personality G To take it or leave it D/F# I really don't care Am Cause there's more to me than the clothes that I wear G D/F# A sugarbaby, well maybe I'm not Am But I think you better like everything that I've got G D/F# Make me smile, make me feel like a she Am Just to make me be something that I don't want to be (Repeat Chorus) Am D Mm mm baby Em I'm just a girl Verse 3: G D/F# I'm just a girl Am Wanna feel the beat under my feet G Oh it's so sweet D/F# Am When the music takes control G D/F# Am I'm just a girl I wanna have fun G And you're the one for me I know D/F# Am Cause I can feel it in my soul (Repeat Chorus twice) (Repeat Intro Part 2 until fade out)
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