Cigarette chords with lyrics by Sam Outlaw - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Sam Outlaw – Cigarette chords

[Verse 1]
D A DI wish I was a cigarette
AThe true love of your life
You'd love and adore me, drop everything for me
DYou'd breathe in and hold me at night
DAnd if you tried to leave me alone
GYou'd come crawling back in the end
DSo it'd still be nice to be your only vice
A DIf you don't wanna love me just yet
[Verse 2]
D A DAnd I wish I was a cigarette
AThe pleasure that you need
You'd have to be with me, when I'm out you'd miss me
DYou'd guiltlessly prove lover's grief
DAnd if you tried to leave me alone
GYou'd only be sorry I'm gone
DSo I think I'd be into just being your sin
A DIf I thought you would want me at all
ABut if you abused me, if you overused me
DI'd get my revenge in the end
A'Cause love is a sickness and I am your witness
Even if you're responsible, you can't really win [Outro]
D A DSo I wish I was a cigarette
GMaybe then you could be my strong drink
D'Cause we all know that love's the most dangerous drug
A BmThat we take habitually
G G/F#And yeah, I'm addicted
D D/C# B7But I'd be less afflicted
A7 DIf you were dependent on me
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