Sam Outlaw – Humility chords

D  G  D  x2
A  G  D  A
A  G  D  A  A7

[Verse 1]
DThe bartender said, "Son, you're looking half-dead
GYou're better off make it a double"
A7But if I remember right, last time I drank all night
DI just woke up in the same trouble
DSo I finally prayed, "Lord, I'm all out of strength
D7 G"Can you give me something I need?"
D A7 D G D A7And he gave me one strong shot of humility
[Verse 2]
DI've been drinking too much, I've been acting real tough
GI've been making a fool of myself
A7But there's no sin inside that's half as bad as my pride
DAnd the booze ain't been great for my health
DSo I finally prayed, "Lord, I know I have strayed
D7 GBut can you make a man out of me?"
D A7 D G D D7And he gave me one strong shot of humility
G DSo now I don't fight him, I daily invite him
A D D7To give me a humble heart
G D BmAnd though I may falter, if I go to the altar
E A A7I won't have to go to the bar
[Verse 3]
DSo if you're like me and always tryin' to be
GIn control all the time
A7It might get so far but when you finally fall
DYou won't find salvation in wine
DBut have no fear 'cause if the Lord can hear
D7 GA prideful sinner like me
D A7Then he'll give you one strong shot
D D7 GIt only takes one, believe it or not
D A7 D G DYeah he gave me one strong shot of humility
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