Advice chords with lyrics by (Sandy) Alex G - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

(Sandy) Alex G – Advice chords

[Verse 1]
Bb Dm F Bb GmDon't get hung on petty things
Bb Dm F BbString the sinner by his wings
Bb Dm F Bb GmIn his head a brittle bone
Bb FThe world is full of fishes
Bb FBut I trust you
Bb FBut I trust you
BbBut I trust...
Ebsus2 Dm [Verse 2]
Bb Dm F Bb GmStick your finger in the hole
Bb Dm F BbA thousand watts but you're not sold
Bb Dm F Bb GmMake you hurt, we love you more
[Outro] Ebsus2 Bb F Eaug x2 Dm x4
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