Hope chords with lyrics by (Sandy) Alex G - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

(Sandy) Alex G – Hope chords


| D7      Cm7#5   | Cmaj7     Em7 Bm7 |

| Am7   Em7 Bm7 | Am7 (Occasionally hammer-on 5-5-5-X-X-X to 5-7-5-X-X-X)|

[Verse 1]

D7 Cm7#5He was a good friend of mine
Cmaj7He died
GWhy write about it now?
Am CM7 G AmGotta honor him somehow [Yeah]
CM7 G DSaw some people crying that night
Am Em CM7Yeah, Fentanyl took a few lives from our life
G D F Em Cmaj7Alright
[Verse 2]
D7 Cm7#5I woke in the middle of the night
Cmaj7 GHe spoke with his eyes half closed
AmCan you give me something else
CM7To eat
G DGot a hole in my chest
Am EmI can't take it anymore
CM7Put my pillow to the desk
G D F Em Cmaj7 G D F Em Cmaj7Let me rest
[Solo] | D7 Cm7#5 | Cmaj7 Em7 Bm7 | | Am7 Em7 Bm7 | Am7 Em7 Bm7 | | Cdim Am7 | cont. Am7 | [Verse 3]
D7 Cm7#5 Cmaj7In the house they were calling out his name all night
GTaking turns on the bed throwing bottles
D AmFrom the windows of the home
CM7On Hope Street
Am EmYou can write a check in my name
CM7Now can you take the money
G D F Em Cmaj7And run
[Outro] | G D F | Em Cmaj7 | | G D F | Em Cmaj7 |
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