Shovels & Rope – Mississippi Nuthin chords


[Verse 1]
DYour joy is killing me
GI don't have anything
Bm ARemember when we used to wear each other's clothes?
DYeah, I've been struggling
GBut I know lots of things
Bm AAnd I got an idea that's gonna turn on the money hose
[Chorus 1]
G AChoking on a joke, tryin' to keep it light
D BmI could never quite get the timing right
G ABut you, you'll never know how it feels
G A Bm D GI got ideas
A DM-hm-mm, no one knows
[Verse 2]
DWe watched you on TV
GAt the Recovery
Bm AThe sound was good but you're always lookin' down
DDon't take this personally
GBut man, if that was me
Bm AI'd make more eye contact with the camera, kinda work the crowd
[Chorus 2]
G AYou probably think I'd call to say that you were right
D BmBut I'm blackout drunk in a cotton field on a Friday night
G AAnd I got nothing to do but tell you how I feel
G A Bm D GI got ideas
A DOo-oo-oo, so watch out
[Verse 3]
DYou always think I'm bluffin'
GLike I'm some kind of Mississippi nuthin'
Bm ABut I was first-string quarterback, drove you everywhere
DOr that time when Ronnie hit you so hard
GYou tried to drive and wrecked your car
Bm AAnd I had to help you wash the blood out of your hair
[Chorus 3]
G A'Cause I've always been
D BmLike a go-to friend
GWell, maybe it's true
A D BmMaybe I'm just a blue-collar version of you
G A DO-o-oh, o-o-oh, o-oh
Bm G AO-o-oh, o-o-oh, o-oh
DYou're on a winning streak
GBut I got laid off last week
Bm ABut I got a plan that's gonna turn it all around
G A Bm D GI got ideas
AI got ideas
DNo one knows
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