Shovels & Rope – The Fall Of Charleston chords

[Verse 1]
C F COh have you heard the glorious news, is the cry from every mouth,
GCharleston is taken, and the rebels put to rout;
C FAnd Beauregard the chivalrous, he ran to save his bacon—
C G CWhen he saw Gen. Sherman’s “Yanks,” and “Charleston is taken!”
CWith a whack row de dow!
FA hunkey boy is Gen. Sherman:
CWhack row de dow!
G CInvincible is he.
[Verse 2]
C F CThis South Carolina chivalry, they once did loudly boast;
GThat the footsteps of a Union man, should ne’er polute their coast.
C FThey’d fight the Yankees two to one, who only fought for booty;—
C G CBut when the “udsills” came along it was “Legs do your duty.”
CWith a whack row de dow!
FBabalon is falling
CWhack row de dow!
G Cthe end is drawing neer
[Verse 3]
C F CAnd from the “Sacred City,” this valiant warlike throng;
GSkedaddled in confusion, although thirty thousand strong—
C FWithout a shot, without a blow, or least sign of resistance,
C G CAnd leaving their poor friends behind, with the “Yankees” for assistance,
CWith a whack row de dow!
FHow are you southern chivalry?
CWhack row de dow!
G Cyour race is nearly run
[Verse 4]
C F CAnd again o’er Sumter’s battered walls, the Stars and Stripes do fly,
GWhile the chivalry of Sixty-one in the “Last ditch” does lie;—
C FWith Sherman, Grant and Porter too, to lead our men to glory;
C G CWe’ll squash poor Jeff’s confederacy, and then get “Hunkydory.”
CWith a whack row de dow!
FHow are you neutral Johnny?
CWhack row de dow!
G Cwe'll settle next with you
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