Strange Ranger – Leona Live chords

[Verse 1]
E AThe cars come by
Eyour house
Ait's friday night again
E A E A I miss the mornings before it comes to me
[Verse 2]
E Ashe is here
Ei've given up love
Ai've given up wanting love
Ebut i can count the ways i wanted you
Ai can't believe you'd want me too
E AI play guitar and say your name again
E A Efionaaaa come over now
AI know you're iching too
Eba da da da da da
Aba da da da da da
E Aba da da da da da
[Verse 3]
E A Enot to say that she fixed everything
Ai'm still a lonely kid
Etalking bout how were different
Ai can still taste your kisses
Enever wanna do my dishes
Anothing real is on my wishlist
Eseeming like a lonely child
Ai'll leave the country feeling wild
E Ait satisfies the moment I arrive
Ewant to sex and having kids
Amiserable and violent
E Ait comes to me and finally i fear it
Eba da da da da da
Aba da da da da da
E Aba da da da da da
Eba da da da da da
Aba da da da da da
E Aba da da da da da
(guitar 1)e|-------------4------|B|-7-----7-------7----|G|---4-----4-------4--|D|-----6-----6-------6|A|--------------------|E|--------------------|
(then guitar 2 comes in...)e|------------------------------------------|B|----------9----12-12----12-10-9-10-9-7-9--|G|-9-9-9h11----9-------11------------------9|D|------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------| x2E|------------------------------------------|
(Then just jam on E & A until...)
| h Hammer-on| / Slide up
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