Tenacious D – Dio chords

Dio by Tenacious D

DDio has rocked (rocked) for a long, long time,
D EmNow it's time for him to pass the torch.
D He has songs of wildebeasts and angels,
D C G DHe has soared on the wings of a demon.
CIt's time to pass the torch,
G F DYou're too old to rock, no more rockin' for you.
C GWe're takin' you to a home,
D But we will sing a song about you.
Em CAnd we will make sure that you're very well taken care of.
Em C A You'll tell us secrets that you've learned. Woah!
D C G Your sauce will mix with ours,
D C G And we'll make a good goulash baby.
D C G Dio, time to go!
F G DYou must give your cape and scepter to me.
C GAnd a smaller one for KG.
D C G Go! Go! Dio! Dio!
Outro: D C G D C G D RIP RJD July 10, 1942 – May 16, 2010
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