Tenacious D – Warning tab

Tabbed By: canadian_beaver

This tab is off of tenaciousjoes.com, if you want almost any tenacious D song or
lyric check that site out it has everything!!

E  - (022100)
D  - (X00232)
B  - (X24442)     
A  - (X02220)
G  - (355433)
F# - (244322)
F  - (133211)
D* - (5540XX)     
C* - (332000)
B* - (2210XX)  

E D B E D B We've been sent to issue all you people here a warning E I'm not at liberty to say D B E D B the details of this most peculiar warning yeeaaaaaaahhhh E D B E D B Suffice to say, all you people here are in grave danger Em . . . . . . . . . So come on Em C* Through the skies, he flies, but he doesn't know the reason why D* C* But he flies, so high, You know that its true Em C* Allot of times, when the elders, they smile D* C* An illusion, an infusion, an intrusion, B* E an amusement park ride E D B Exploding brains from Alzon to Zanzibar E D B To the shores of ye old rustic Chinook E Decimating the competition D B Leaving in their wake the blind ambition E D B Come along children, and rock get it on A B E In whatever heinous realm that it squats A B E In whatever heinous realm that it squats A B A In whatever heinous realm that it squats G F# F that it squats, that it squats, that it squats
|-----------------0-----12*--||---------0---------0--12*---||-------0---0---0------------||-----4-------4--------------| * harmonics|---2------------------------||-0--------------------------|
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