Tenacious D - Roadie chords

C/g;(3 3 2 0 0 0)   Asus2;(x 0 2 2 0 0)   Esus4;(0 2 2 2 0 0) Em*;(0 2 2 4 0 0)
There is a lot of variation between the E – I tried to show the ‘rolls’ KG og JB are 
doing in this song
Intro: Em* Esus4 Em x2 D EVerse 1
Em* Esus4 Em Em* Esus4 Em Esus4 EmWell it's 3pm time to lug the gear, got to get it on the stage,
D E (Esus4 E)my muscles flex, my ***ing sweat will save the day.
Em* Esus4 Em Em* Esus4 Em Esus4 EmWhen I check the mic, I fucka check the mic, I fucka checka checka 1 2 3,
D EI plug it in, I make it sound as good as it can be.
Em* Esus4 EmBecourse the rock is rock, and the road is road,
Em* Em* Esus4 Emgot'a take the mic, he got take control,
D E (Esus4 E)got'a get that shit up on that ***ing stage.
Em* Esus4 EmCuz the roadie knows what the roadie knows
Em* Em* Esus4 EmAnd the roadie knows that he wears black clothes
D E (Esus4 E)And he hides off in the shadows of the stage
C/g Asus2 EBecause the roadie looks a 1000 miles with his eyes
C/g Asus2 EAnd when the crowd roars: Brings a teardrop to the roadies eyes
Tears of pride
C/gBecause he brought you the show
Asus2But you will never know
C/gHe's changing the strings
Asus2While hiding in the wings
C/g Asus2 (let ring) E (powerchord if you want)No matter how hard, the show must go on
Vers: Then a beautiful girl come to me she says, "hey can i suckka your dick" i say yes, I am in love then she quickly said, "I sucked your dick, now gimme that backstage pass" I do not want you roadie, I want K.G's chode Prechorus:
C/g Asus2 I'm standing at the threshold of your dreams
C/g Asus2 Without me there'd be no sound from those amps
C/g Asus2 Without me there'd be no lights on the stage
E But you don't applaud for me
C/g I am the roadie:
Asus2 (let ring) E A lonesome warrior searching for a soul (no!)
C/g I am the roadie:
Asus2 (let ring) E I make the rock go!
C/g Asus2 C/g Asus2 C/g Asus2 E Roadie, Roadie, ROAAADDDIEEEeee
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