The Avett Brothers – Die Die Die tab

Die Die Die
Dr. Dog
Takers and Leavers EP

a ballad with chords for guitar

Suggested fingerings:

x     EADGBe

A     002220	A7    002020

C#    x43121	D     x00232

E     xx2454	E7    xx2434

F#m6  244242

Intro: A

		A					C#
It turns out cigarettes can kill you, 'cause when you didn't come back
	D			     E
every time that I thought of you, I smoked a whole pack
	A					 C#
I was up to about seventeen packs a day, I was refueling too
	  D			E		   E7
about every hour or so, I drank a bottle of white mule
	  A				     C#
I wasn't thinking about turquoise, I wasn't thinking about gold
	  D			      E	 	    E7
I wasn't thinking about thinking, or about getting old
	A			   C#
got to be so I didn't care if I was leaving or loving
     D		      E			E7
oh, what I was and what I was becoming


guitar:e--------------/9---------------|B--------------/10--------------|G--------------/9---------------|D-------------------------------|A-------------------------------|E-------------------------------| AI don't want to die in your arms
A7 F#m6 D I just wannna die A don't want to die in you arms A7 F#m6 D I just want to die the following verse follows the same A C# D E pattern and the song ends with the chorus.
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