The B-52`s – 52 Girls tab

Here's my shot at "52 Girls" by the B-52's.  I tried my best to illustrate the rhythm,
but it probably'd be better for you to actually hear the song for the proper timing 
I tried).  (STD TUNE)

Drumbeat intro

A5 // // / / C5/ B5/ A5 // // / / C5/ B5/

A5 // // / / C5/ B5/ A5////// / / C5/ B5/

MAIN VERSE1)-----------+------------+-----------+-------------------------------------|2)-----------+------------+-----------+-------------------------------------|3)-----------+------------+-----------+-------------------------------------|4)-----------+------------+-----------+-------------------------------------|5)-0---3-5-3-+-0--0-3-5-3-+-7--7-7-7--+-5-5-5-5-----------------------------|6)-----------+------------+-----------+----------3-3------------------------| O I R I O O I R I P P P P R R R R I I
Effie and Ma - adge and Mabel and Biddie See them on the beach or in New York City Tina , Louise and Hazel and Mavis
CHORUS (REPEAT TWICE) A5 C5 A5 // // C5 / / B5/ A5 / / / / C5 / / B5/1)--------------------------------------------------------------------------|2)--------------------------------------------------------------------------|3)--------------------------------------------------------------------------|4)----2----5------------2--x-2--x-2--5--5-5--4-4-2--x-2--x-2--5--5-5--4-4---|5)--0-0--0-3--3-5---0-+-0--x-0--x-0--3--3-3--2-2-0--x-0--x-0--3--3-3--2-2---|6)----------------3---+-----------------------------------------------------|
can you name, name name name them today MAIN VERSE Wanda and Janet and Ronnie and Re -eee -eee ba - a - -a - oo- o - o - o These are the girls of the USA The principle girls of the USA Chorus MAIN VERSE OOOO Kate and Cindy and Crystal and Candy Mercedes And Joan Betty and Brenda (tom fill 1) Suzy and Anita (tom fill 2) and Phoebe and Ja - a - ck Jackie o - o - o - o These are the girls of the USA The principle girls of the USA CHORUS
OUTRO1)----------+------------+----------+----------------------------------------|2)----------+------------+----------+----------------------------------------|3)----------+------------+----------+----------------------------------------|4)----------+------------+----------+----------------------------------------|5)-0--3-5-3-+-0--0-3-5-3-+-0--3-5-3-+-0--0-3-5-3-----------------------------| ETC...6)----------+------------+----------+----------------------------------------| O I R I O O I R I O I R I O O I R I
A5 / G5 // //A5/ G5 A5 / G5 // //A5/ G5 A5 G5 C5 G5 (end)
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