The Band - Old Time Religion tab

Old Time Religion
Traditional Arr. The Band
Transcribed by Alec Liddle


D/F#:	xx023x
G/B:	x2003x
D:	xx423x
A7sus4:	x0203x
G:	320033

Capo 1


D5 G/B A7sus4 G/B D A7sus4 G/B A7sus4 G D5  

Verse 1:

Gimme that old time religion

Gimme that old time religion

	   D	       A7sus4	G/B
Gimme that old time religion

     A7sus4 G		     D5
It's good enough (it's good enough)

Verse 2:

Well it's good enough for mammy

Well it's good for grandpa

     D	         A7sus4	G/B
It's good for my grandma

	 D5    A7sus4 (No Chord)
And it's good enough, good enough 

Good enough now


D5 A7sus4 D A7sus4 G/B D5 G D5 (No Chord) D5 G D5

"It's not like it used to be..."
Taken from the interview footage in "The Last Waltz"
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