The Band – Is All Depend On You chords

artis: Band 29
song title: Is all depend on you

E Bm #F A> i close my eyes to think of another world out of space
> E Bm #F A> time come now we had to start by ourselves
> E Bm #F A> is hard to follow all the steps in the city
> E Bm #F A> don't worry i'll be by your side
> E Bm #F A>
> > pre chorus:
> C# Bm A> i hope you never let me down
> C# Bm A> no matter how hard we have to try
> > chorus:
> E Bm #F A> is all depend on you (i can't do anything)
> E Bm #F A> is all depend on you (what the hell i'm doing here)
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