The Band – Jemima Surrender tab

"Jemima Surrender"
The Band
Transcribed by Dan Morris (

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Intro: Riff 1 x 2 Riff 2 [verse] D (w/riff 3) E7 Jemima Surrender, I'm gonna give it to you, G A7 Ain't no pretender, gonna ride in my canoe. D G F (w/riff 3) If I were a barker in a girly show, D G F D G A7 Tell ya what I'd do, I'd lock the door, tear my shirt and let my river flow. G Em Oh, oh, Sweet Jemima wont'cha come out tonight? G A7 D The ground is so warm and the moon is so bright! [rpt intro] Jemima Surrender, I'm gonna give it to you, I'll bring over my Fender And I'll play all night for you. There's a bird on my head And his mouth won't talk, You know he laughs just like a goose, But looks like a hawk Jemima, you know what I'm try'n to say, Meet me in front and we'll fly away. Solo D Csus2 G/B A7 D Csus2 G/B A7 F G You can change your name C You can find a new walk E You can change a lock, its all the same F G You don't have to give out C If you'll only give in A You can jump and shout but can't you see girl, that I'm bound to win [riff 2 into verse] [rpt verse] Jemima Surrender, I'm gonna give it to you, Ain't no pretender, gonna see my tattoo; I hand you my rod and you hand me that line, That's what you do, now, we ain't doing much fishin' Or drinkin' any wine. Sweet Jemima, if I were king I'd fix you up with a diamond ring. [riff 1] [riff 2] --> D ------------------- [riffs transcribed for bass in standard tuning] riff 1:
riff 2:
riff 3
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