The Dead Weather - Outside tab

Standard Tuning - EADGBe

I find this is an insanely easy song as far as the verse and chorus goes. The solo is a 
challenging and I have yet to tab it =P

Artist: the Dead Weather
Song: Outside [Bonus Track]
Tabbed by: Arsid

Verse:|e------------------||B------------------||G------------------||D---555-8-6-333-5--||A---555-8-6-333-5--||E---333-6-4-111-3--| Do this part 3 times, then.....
Verse2: /=slide down the neck|e---------------------------| |-----||B---------------------------| |-----||G---------------12/---------| |--7--||D--10/-10/-10/--12/-10/-10/-| |--7--||A--10/-10/-10/--10/-10/-10/-| |--5--||E---8/--8/--8/-------8/--8/-| then strum |-----|
Order: Intro Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Intro x2 Verse2 Intro x2 Solo Verse2 Intro Verse Chorus Intro and that's it! easy song, i know... corrections and comments welcome!
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