The Everybodyfields - Magazines chords

Chords - G, Bm, C, Am7 (or Am, whatever you like)

Intro (or a close aproximation)E|----------------|B|----------------|G|--------------0-|D|---------0h2----|A|--0h2/4---------|E|----------------|
G Bm C Am7Two days and money spent. I can't tell yous where I been. I only gamble when
C G I steal, but I like the way it feels. And my hands still smell like a
Bm C Am7 magazine. I keep having the same old dreams. Everything is what it seems,
C G somethings wrong and I'm off to sleep.
White knuckles on a baseball bat and I know just where I'm at. The sun shone like David Copperfield. Daddy tell me it's not real. Two feet knee deep in doubt. Around the bases and at home I'm out. But if you're never home I doubt that you will ever see me out. The parking lot is a hiding place, cause under the cars you can't see my face.
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