The Everybodyfields - Good To Be Home chords version 1

Capo 4th fret

Chords - C, G, Am7|Am, Fmaj7/C|F/C

C       - x32010 
G       - 32000x
Am7     - x02010
Am      - x02210
Fmaj7/C - x33210
F/C     - x3321x

There are various hammer ons on the G and D string at the 2nd fret, but they're 
not too hard to figure out once you know the chords. There is also a bass run on 
the A string, you know the A, B, C one that is in lots of songs.
C G Am7 I was sick by the time we hit Virginia. I had tombstones down both sides
Fmaj7/Cof my face.
C G Fmaj7/C Driving all night home from Boston, I was so tired of being away.
F/C C F/C C Thinking about summer times and heat waves in a town that hardly ever snowed.
F/C C G Fmaj7/C Hitting apples with a baseball bat in august. That's where I want to go.
Fmaj7/C CSo go to be home.
Additional Lyrics: The sidewalks down here they go forever and they always seem to meet you with a smile. If they don't park their cars out where they shouldn't, I believe you can see clear for a mile. There's a tree on Maple street it turns so yellow, it turns loose and leaves the ground it turns to gold. My car always knows what gear to be in and my feet can always take me home. So good to be home. The lights here they could spin the head of a young man into thinking that the whole town loves you. But your heart is not protected from the city. It might help to get you through. The downtown has given me some problems and we've all had some growing up to do. Walking on cars and across the tops of buildings. I think that God was probably laughing too. Down the street my neighbor's son is walking and the north side's getting bigger all the time. I owe the girl down at the library some money. She says she's just gonna let it slide. In my mind every single day is sunny. It's so bright it almost hurts my eyes to see. When the rain is pourin' out over the gutters. I thank the Lord just to be here in Tennessee. So good to be home. Half a mile now from the border. half a mile just to roll my windows down. Sitting staring at the windshield telling myself. "Not too much further now." I call David up to see what he is doing and I pass him as he's getting in his car. Down the road and take a right down state of Franklin and we'll piss the night away down at the bar. So good to be home.
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