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The Gun Club – Miami tab

The Gun Club
Album: Miami(1982)
All songs are in Standard tuning.


G E G (2x)-3-----------------0---3 3-3-3---|-3-----------------0---3-3-3-3---|-0------------0-0- 1---0-0-0-0-0-|-0------0/2-2------2---0-0-------|-2-0/2------------ 2---2-2-------|-3-----------------0---3-3-------|
Come down to the willow garden with me come go with me come go and see E G Although I've howled across fields and my eyes E turned grey G are yours still the same?are you still the same? Chorus :
G D(e)-3---2-------2-|(B)-3-0-3 (3x) 3-|(G)-0---2-------2-|(D)-------------0-|
Carry Home I have returned through so many highways and so many tears bridge C x355 A x022 G 3554 E 0221 C G A E Carry Home to where I am from carry to the place that I have come C A E carry to the dust and flies behind me carry to the cracks and caves on the face of me Then... D (xx023) E Oh, but I didn't change, I just had to work Yeah, but I didn't change, I just had to work and now I'm home, and now I'm home do you still want me? Now, that I'm home End : E E G ________________________________________________________________________________ 2.RUN THROUGH THE JUNGLE
1°x 2°x---0---0-3-----0-|----------------|---0-3-0--|-3-0-3-0-3---3-0-|-0--------------|-3-0-3-0--|-0-0-0-0-0---0-0-|---2-0----------|-0-0-0-0--|-2---2-------2---|--------2---0-2-|-2--------|-2---------------|----------2-----|----------|-0---------------|----------------|----------|
Woa, Don't look back to see... 1°x 2°x 3°x(e)----------------------------|--------|-----------|-3333--|(B)--555555555555----33333333--|-0------|-0---------|-------|(G)---------------(4)----------|---2-0--|---2-0-----|-------|(D)----------------------------|--------|-------2---|-------|(A)-----------------------------------------------0-|-------|
Here he alternates between these 3 different ends - justlisten to the record! _____________________________________________________________________________ 3.BAD INDIAN
riff intro/verse E E(G)-999 / 777 / 999--7-|(D)-999---999---777--9-|(A)-777---777---777--7-|(E)--------------------|
chorus : B 799(8) G 355(4) A 5776(5) D x577 B I don't believe you A What are you doing down here? G you need something new to chew D or are you just a Bad Indian? Do your wardance !! A (5776) E (02210) : 3x then B (7998) E ____________________________________________________________________________ 4.FIRE OF LOVE Note : I couldn't find the lyrics anywhere so I tried to transcribe them
E G A E-----------------------------|-0-------------------2-2-----|---2-0-1-1-1---0-0---2-2---1-| (intro 2x)-------2-2-2---0-0---2-2---2-|-------2-2-2---2-2---0-0---2-|-------0-0-0---3-3---------0-|
verse : play the riff The Fire of Love Is burning me
then this---------------------------------------------|--0-----22222222-----------------2-2---------|----2-0-22222222---1-1-1---0-0---2-2---1-----|--------22222222---2-2-2---0-0---2-2---2-----|--------00000000---2-2-2---2-2---0-0---2-----|-------------------0-0-0---3-3---------0-----|The Fire of LoveWon't let me be
then... O, my dear, here is my plea Because you too is burning me-----------------------------------------------------------|---------0/1/0---1-----------------------------------------|-1-1---2-2 -2-2-------------0-------0-0---1-------------|-2-2---2-2 ---2-------------2-2-2---0-0---2-------------|-2-2---0-0---------------------2-2-2---2-2---2-------------|-0-0---------------------------0-0-0---3-3---0-------------|
O, I can't ?? For these tears of sorrow Those eyes won't see My love no more Sorrowful the things that I've done Forgive me, dear, my only one And now you are back Once again in your mind To have and hold Till ain't the time The moon shines down from up above It's like to see the Fire Of love The Fire of love... ___________________________________________________________________________- 5.SLEEPING IN BLOOD CITY A 577(6) D x577 F# x91111 B 799 E x799
intro + verse : A B A(G)-------------------|(D)--7---99999---77---|(A)--7---99999---77---|(E)--5 / 77777---55---|
I'll take you sleeping up the street I'll take you very softly I'll take under the parking light I'll hold you very softly Just like a soul, your face will shine even though your mind's been blown was the type of love, a much better kind when you were on your own? chorus : D E You are taken, going down, D A (he seems to play G#{4665}/A) way down to Blood City D E you are taken, going down, F# E through the bloody red eyes of Blood City Look above you for the sky is black and the asphalt is blue throw yourself right down on your back and look at me for what to do I don't take what is given to me I just take it from the land was the type of love a much better kind when you were with another man? You are taken, going down right down to Blood City you are taken, going down, through the bloody red eyes of Blood City I'll take you sleeping up the street I'll take you very softly I'll take you under the parking lights and hold you so softly just like a soul, your face will shine even though your mind's been blown was the type of love, a much better kind WHEN YOU WERE ON YOUR OWN??!!! You are taken, going down right down to Blood City you are taken, going down through the bloody red eyes of BLOOD CITY! ____________________________________________________________________________ 6.MOTHER OF EARTH
Em D------------------0-------0--------------------------0-2-3--2-2-0-0-|--------------------0-------0---------------------3-----------------|--------------------------------------------------2-----------------|---0-2--2/4/2--2-------2-----------0-2--2/4/2--0--------------------|-2-------------2-------2---------2----------------------------------|---------------0-------0--------------------------------------------|
G Em (2x)---------------------------3------0---------|---------------------------0------0---------|---------------------------0------0---------|---0-2--2/4/2--0-2--------------------------|-2-----------------------2------2-----------|---------------------0-2-3----2-0-----------|
I'm going down the river of sadness I'm going down the river of pain in the dark, under the wires. I hear them call my name I gave you the key to the highway and the key to my hotel door yes, I'm tired of leaving and leaving so, I won't come back no more Oh, my dark-eyed friend I'm recalling you again soft voices that speak nothing speak nothing to the end bridge : I'm not sure but it seems to be in A and then Em, like this
Oh, Mother of Earth the blind they call but, yet stay behind the wall their sadness grows like weeds upon my thighs and knees Oh, Mother of Earth the wind is hot I tried my best, but I could not and my eyes fade from me in this open country
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