The Gun Club – Fire Of Love tab

Album: Fire of Love
by The Gun Club
11 Tracks


Intro + verse :
F 133(221)
A 577(455)    during the verse he
E 0221(00)     plays only the bass notes
G 355(433)     but adds the higher notes for E and G
during verse

F                                A
Johnny's got a light in his eyes
E                          G
Shirley's got a light on her lips
Jakes got a monkeyshine on his head and Debra Ann's
got a tiger in her hips
they can twist and turn they can move and burn they
can throw themselves against the wall
but they creep for what they need and they explode to
the call

Chorus :And then they move! move! Sex beat! Go!-----------------------------5-|-----------------------------5-|-------------(4x)------8-----6-|-----------6-7-7-------9-----7-|-----------6-7-7-------9-----7-|-----------4/5-5-------7-----5-|
very stupid like I told ya, very stupid like ya saw very stupid as the simple thought of ever thinking at all and all the mind, all the soul all the body all we know all the things that should have made us whole all the colourless security was only so we could go and move, move Sex beat, drop and yes you do look cool and by the floodlights so blue you make my tropical apartment bed, your sacrificial pool my body in the water and my heart is in your hand so this is the way you choose to send me to the judgement land so you can't move, move beat, go and every day at three you throw me down by the christmas tree I watched your lights blink on and off while you start your fun with me I, I know your reasons and I, I know your goals we can fuck forever but you will never get my soul so you can move so you can move so you can move so you can move so you can oohh... Sex beat <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> F1 A5 E0 G3 then G#4 / A5 B7 A5 2. PREACHING THE BLUES intro + verse
riff-12------------------------|-------------------------------------------|-12-15-14-12---------------|--0 / 12 (slide b/---alternating-----------|-13-13-13-13--(several x)--|--1 / 13 these 2---with--------------0-0-|-14-14-14-14---------------|--2 / 14 chords)------------------2-2-----|---------------------------|--2 / 14--------------------------(2)------|---------------------------|--0 / 12-----------------------------------|
----------------|----------------|---------0-0----|-2---2-2-----2--|----(2)---------|----------------| riffI was up this morning, blues walking like a man...
chorus : G (3554) + riff So, preach the Blues G A (5776) + riff So, Preach the Blues now <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> intro/verse riff :
E--12--10--9--7-| B---0---0--0--0-|G#---0---0--0--0-| E---0---0--0--0-| B---------------| E---------------|
then E0 / ?12 adding sometimes
chorus : G3 A5 + riff 3. PROMISE ME chords : E 022100 F# 24432(2) A 577655 D 101212111010 intro + verse : E / F# / E (with slide) Promise me, A E outside in the trees, they're waiting tonight Promise me, while the searching light moon has found me D A E you know it feels like the very last time again Promise me, someone who will promise me, stand in the dark and fight like me through eyes like fireflies, turn around and tell me, it'll be alright is it alright? bridge : I tried to find something the closest to what I heard, like this
Promise me, don't cheat my soul when it returns to me Promise me, give me the vision I was born to see, you know it feels like years since they burned me away you know it feels like years since they burned my heart away you know it feels like years, feels like years you know it feels like years since they took my eyes away <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> verse : E0 F#2 several times then A5 E0 chorus : D10 A5 E0 bridge :
E--0-----------0--------------------------------------| B--0-2-0---0-2---2-2----------------------------------|G#--0-----0-----------0-----0-------------0------------| E----------------------2-0----2-0----2-0---2-0-----0--| B----------------------------------0-----------0-2----| E-----------------------------------------------------|
4. SHE'S LIKE HEROIN TO ME verse : chorus : E 02210x C 8101098x A x02220 A 57765(5) D x0023x E 02210x G 35543(3) G 3200xx A 57765(5) intro : E A E D // verse E A E D I cannot get a look at it so, I'm burning them on the deal anyway I see her come down from the top of the stairs G A(5th fret) I guess that I'd be cool, but there's a tickle in my veins I've been a real good tombstone, but now I'm blowing away She is like an eye-blue swimming pool but, she will never know that she is there we sit together drunk like our fathers used to be I'm looking up and God is saying, "What are you gonna do?" I'm looking up and I'm crying, "I thought it was up to you!" but now, C She's like Heroin to me A she's like Heroin to me C she's like Heroin to me E G E A E D she cannot miss a vein don't let her take her love to town they will never fill her heart she needs a passion like her father's used to be I know, because I'm like the train shooting down the mainline I know, because I'm like the Indian wind along the telegraph lines and she's like Heroin to me she's like Heroin to me she's like Heroin to me she cannot miss a vein So mainline it! bridge : G 355433 A 577655 (2x) I cannot get a look at it so, I'm blowing back my trouble to the east while we sit together sad like our fathers used to be I know a perfect run by the sleep it puits in my heart I know my special rider, I can feel her in the dark she feels like Heroin to me she feels like Heroin to me she's like Heroin to me she cannot miss a vein <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> intro / verse : E0 A5 - E0 D10 G3 A5 chorus : C8 A5 C8 E0 G3 E0 A5 bridge : I don't know whether both guitars are in open-e but if it's the case, while guit 1 plays G3 A5 guit 2 plays this (w/ bottleneck I guess)
5. FIRE SPIRIT verse : E x799 A 5776(55) D x577 G 3554(33) E D G I can see clearly from my diamond eyes, I'm going to the mountain with the Fire Spirit no-one will accept all of me G A G so the Fire...will stop Up through the streets the gunfire of cars, going to the mountain with the Fire Spirit no-one will take all of me so the Fire...will stop I will be cheating the whole ritual, I'm going to the mountain with the Fire Spirit no-one will expect all of me so the Fire..will stop then : E 0221xx F# 2443x G 3200xx E 5776x F (1)332xx B 7998xx E G E F E G Someone will break out of the circle, E F someone will turn and burn a world someone knows a better cell where the old north wind blows through southeast hell, yeah.... Invention was betrayed by the machine, promised like it was promised to me I'm going up to the mountain to see how the last thing, will set me free, yeah... D E(5th fret) D E I had to do something, I was wearing down, D G E G E F I was going down.... F# E Why can no one ever touch a Fire Spirit? Why can no one ever hold a Fire Spirit? E(5th fret) E Why can no one ever feel a Fire Spirit? B I am going to the mountain, I am going to the mountain, I am going to the montain.... I can see clearly from my diamond eyes, I'm going to the mountain with the Fire Spirit, no one will accept all of me... and the fire...will stop... With too much patience and too much pain, going to the mountain with the Fire Spirit to make amends for all of me... and the Fire...will stop. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> verse : E12 D10 G3 G3 A5 G3 after verse 3 : E0 G3 - E0 F1 Someone will... D10 E12 - D10 E12 - D10 C8 I had to do sth... I was going down E0 G3 - E0 F1 why can no one... F#2 E0 - F#2 E0 - A5 E0 I am going... B7 then verse riff again 6. GHOST ON THE HIGHWAY note : the re-writing of "Devil and the Nigger" but played higher here chords F# 24432(2) E 02210(0) A 57765(5) Esus4 02220(0) or00222(0) C# x466 B x244 verse : F# A F# E Esus4 E C# B E chorus : F# (E) A E Now, you're a ghost on the highway your gesture is meaningless you're lost to the living men trailing souls to the end (noise) bridge : E F# (2x) <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> verse : F#2 A5 F#2 - E0 A5 A0 C#9 B7 E0 chorus : F#2 A5 E0 bridge : guit 1 - E0 F#2 (2x) guit 2
then C#9 B7 E0 then chorus - verse - chorus 7. JACK ON FIRE he plays the same throughout the song, namely verse : E D C# D E x799 D x577 C# x466 chorus : A C# A 5776xx <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> verse : E12 D10 C#9 D10 chorus : A5 C#9 8. BLACK TRAIN F# 244x E 022x A x022(2) Asus4 x0223x ? 12141413(12) intro : F# E F# I'm moving on the black train F# E A The night it beats me down A E F# I'm moving on the Black Train F# E A I breath a soundles sound, F# A E(022100) (12th fret) Riding on the Black Train Every drop in my body moves with the train And some of it's on the floor I'm slippin' out to anyplace Although I know I've been there before Riding on the Black Train Torn up on the Black Train Torn from my southern home Left a nigger lying dead by the river Left the Will-O-the-Wisp to roam Riding on the Black Train I'm heat on the Black Train A torch lighting up the night With everything I've had and everything I've done I still can't be satisfied, Riding on the Black Train <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
verse : F#2 E0 F#2 guit 2 sometimes adds F#2 E0 A5 E--------------------| A5 E0 F#2 B--------------------| F#2 E0 A5 G#--5-6---5-6---5-6--|
F#2 A5 E0 / E12 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9. GOODBYE JOHNNY E 022x A 57765(7) F# 2443(2) G 3554(3)
verse E Esus4 F# G E(G)-----2 / 0----|--3-4-1---2 / 0---|(D)--2--------2--|--4-5-2-2-------2-|(A)--2--------2--|--4-5-2-2-------2-|(E)--0--------0--|--2-3-00-------0--|
chorus : A G E I'm out near Santa Fe Hitching out for the warmer days
bridge-0-----0---0-----0-3(BU)--------------|-03-2-0--0-3-2-0------------------0---|-1-----1---1-----1------------------1-|-2-----2---2-----2-----4-4 / 5 / 7--2-|-2-----2---2-----2-----4-4 / 5 / 7--2-|-0---------0------------------------0-|
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> verse : E0 A5\G3 E0 F#2 G3 E0 chorus : A5 G3 E0
bridge : (2x) BUE--0-----------3*------------------| *the 2nd timeB--0--3--2--0----------------------|G#-0-(0)(0)(0)---------(2x)--------|E--0-(0)(0)(0)---2-2 / 3-3 / 5--0--|B----------------2-2 / 3-3 / 5--0--|E----------------2-2 / 3-3 / 5--0--|
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10. FOR THE LOVE OF IVY intro
verse : E0 / G3 / E0 / A5 chorus : 1°X) E0 / A5 / E0 / ?12 2°X) E0 / F1 / E0 / ?7 bridge : E0 / G3 / E0 / F? G3 / F#2 / F1 / E0 then play the intro again then a chord progression like this : E0 / F1 / F#2 / G3 end : E0 / G3 / E0 /A5 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11. COOL DRINK OF WATER
main riff BU-----0--3---------3--0--------0--BU--------------|--0---------------3--0-----0-----3---------------|------------------3--0---------------------------|-------------------------------------------------|--------------0-------------------------0--------|-----------5-------------------------5-----3--0--|
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