The Hush Sound - Lighthouse chords

B A DTake what you need while there's time
B A B F#The city will be earth in a short while
B D A BIf I'm not mistaken it's been in flames
D A DYou and I will escape to the seaside
B A D There is a storm in the distance
B A B F# The wind breathing warning of its imminence
B D A B There is a lighthouse five hundred yards down
D A D You and I will be safe there
Dm Gm A There is a girl who haunts that lighthouse
Dm GmShe saved me I was swimming
ASo young I almost drowned
B Gm AUnder the water she sang a story
B GmOf losing her lover
AShe calls a warning
B A D Love, you are foolish, you're tired
B A B F# Your sleeplessness makes you a liar
B DThe city is burning
A BThe ocean is turning
D A DOur only chance is the lighthouse
Dm Gm Her lover was a sailor
AShe went and she waited there
Dm GmThe door locked from the outside
A B Gm Lover never arrived so she sings there
A B Gm ASoft as a siren luring the ships off their course, how alarming
Dm Gm AWe went in, we climbed up and looked out
Dm GmThe door locked from the outside
AThree ghosts in a lighthouse
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