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The Maccabees – Mary tab

The Maccabees
Mary - Colour it in

Tab Submitted by Sah

 E  A  G#
 -  5  4
 7  7  6
 9  7  6
 9  -  -
 -  -  -
 -  -  -

E(strum it thru once)     A (Bar chord - palm Mute 8 times)
  I was in the other room

A (palm mute 16 up/down strokes)     G# (16 up/down strokes)
When hansome was getting leather and laces

E                       A
 Couldn't save a family
A                            G#
'Cause heroes wear masks and lycra

E (W/O PALM MUTE 8 TIMES)            A
Out, out, out, out, out, mary get out
Your freezing

E                                  A
In, in, in, in, in, brother get in
                      A                G#
Get your head kicked in, in, in, in, in
'Cos it's in, in, in, in, in

Down, down, down, down
Heard you fell down
And you scraped your knee
Up up up up
Pick yourself up          G#
You get a plaster on your cut
'Cause its sewn up
It's sewn up

Wishing it was you... So you've got yourself in a hole And you cant get out I wont be there, cant be around So hold me down And let you know 'Bout the places we cant go I wont let go, I wont hold you back I'm falling away I'm paying the price, im willing to pay So, willing to pay the price you pay And the reason i cant stay 'Cause you live so far away Wishing it was you... So out, out, out Mary get out 'Cause your freezing and in In, in, in Brother get in...
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