Revival chords with lyrics by The Neverclaim - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Neverclaim – Revival chords

Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

Key of D

Pretty cool song. Enjoy. :) If you want to check them out some more, just go to 

Chords Used (only useful if you don't transpose): A Bm C D D/F# Dsus2 F#m7/C# Ge|---0---2----0---2----2-------0--------0------3---|B|---2---3----1---3----3-------3--------0------3---|G|---2---4----0---2----2-------2--------2------0---|D|---2---4----2---0----0-------0--------4------0---|A|---0---2----3--------x----------------4------2---|E|---------------------2-----------------------3---|
[Intro] D - Dsus2 - D - G [Verse]
D Dsus2 D GI feel this cry rising up inside me
D Dsus2 D GIt's a prayer of truth to change the nations
BmThat sends the orphans to their father
F#m7/C# D Dsus2 D GThey'll never be the same, they'll never be the same
D Dsus2 D GIt's a stirring up inside the body
D Dsus2 D G A revolution in our hearts
Bm F#m7/C#Of revelation in His love that causes men to rise
To shout and proclaim [Chorus]
D That we were made for such a time as this
D/F# Every knee will bow and tongue confess
G Jesus Christ for who He really is
Bm F#m7/C# Revival, revival
C G D AAnd the hearts of generations will be won
C G ATo the love of the Father, Spirit and the Son
And that's it! God bless. :)
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