I Am Redeemed chords with lyrics by The Neverclaim - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Neverclaim – I Am Redeemed chords

I am redeemed
C G D EmKiss your feet, kiss your feet, as brokenness runs down my cheek
C G D Emmay these tears be a sweet offering to you.
C G D EmIncomplete, so incomplete, yet declarations over me,
C G D Emfrom the eternal son, redeemed, redeemed, redeemed.
C G D EmIn my darkness you hold me close and you promise me you never
let go
C G D Emmy heart burns for you, oh, i am redeemed, i am redeemed
C G D EmI receive, I receive, redemptive work done deep in me
C G D Emuntil this heart is fully given onto you
C G D Emso please proceed, please proceed, your kingdom raining over
C G D Emme, because who I am right now is not who I’ll fully be.
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