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The Ronettes – Woman In Love tab

Woman in Love

D           F#m 
It’s like a dream come true 
Em 		  Gm     A      D   Em   A  D
And my love I’ll always all to you 

D 			  Em         A7                  D
Yesterday I was a little girl all (?) in this big wide world
Then we met and when you held me tight,
A7                  D
Baby, I grew up overnight

D                  F#m 
Now I’m a woman, a woman in love
Em 		m       A         D           Em             A         D
I’m a woman, a woman in love with you. I said you, baby it’s you, it’s you

Everyone see the change in me, they all say I look so womanly
And I can’t wait to spend my whole life through
Having babies and taking care of you


by: José Duarte
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