The Ronettes – Do I Love You chords

Do I Love You (The Ronettes)
Tabbed by Zack Feldman

This is the Ronettes version but I encourage you to check out the Jay And The Americans version!

Capo 1

	Keep your hand in a Cmaj7 shape (x32000) and you only have to move your middle finger 
to play this riff

Intro: C Em/B G Em A Dm G Em C F (x2)
CDo I want you for my baby
EmDo I want you by my side
FDo I wanna run and kiss your lips
G C FSay you're my loving guy - oh oh...
C(Do I love you)
F(Yes I love you)
CDo I need your arms around me
Em/BDo I live my life for you
FDo I always feel so warm each time
G C FI look in your eyes of blue - oh oh...
C(Do I love you)
F(Yes I love you)
GOh Oh
Am AAnd do I need you every minute of the day
E7 Em7And would I die if you should ever go away
Dm EmAnd does it mean so much to feel your tender touch
GDo I love you (Do I love you)
C EmOh I swear I'm gonna get you if takes me all my life
FI'll hope and pray and dream and scheme
G C FCause I'm gonna be your wife
G(Do I love you)
F(Yes I love you)
(Fade out)
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