The School Of Worship – Fully Known chords

Fully Known
The School of Worship

Key of Fmaj - Gmaj

Intro: Am F/A C/G Em/G

Am F/A C/G Em/G AmFully known and fully owned by love
F/A C/G Em/GYou bought me with your blood
Am F/A C/G Em/G AmFull of grace and truth you came to us
F/A C/G Em/GWith mercy like a flood
Fmaj7 E/G# AmGod of all my dreams
G/B CYou came and died for me
Fmaj7 E/G# AmYou have washed me clean
G/B CAnd caused my eyes to see
Fmaj7 E/G# Am Am G Fmaj7 Fadd9Im wholly yours, you are mine
Shown in love the son of God in flesh Revealed eternal rest To redeem the sons of men to Christ Those purchased by his life Instrumental: Cm Gm/Bb Gm Abmaj7 (Repeat) - G
Gmaj7 F#/A# BmGod of all my dreams
A/C# DYou came and died for me
Gmaj7 F#/A# BmYou have washed me clean
A/C# DAnd caused my eyes to see
Gmaj7 F#/A# Bm Bm A Gmaj7Im wholly yours you are mine
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