The Shivers – Lie chords

Artist: The Shivers 
[ ]
Song: L.I.E.
Album: Charades (2004)
Tabbed by: Rigoletto [ -at- gmail -dot- com ]

This should be pretty close and playable. I think the guitar 
is tuned a  half-fret lower on the recording. It might also 
be a little out of tune.

Capo 3rd fret (or whatever)

Strum C

FI'll never grasp
G G7 CYour mother's life you oughta found in photographs.
I'll never stay Too insecure, to breathe dust, and to run away. Fly, fly, fly, so high, the geese fly south To steal the kiss upon your scared little winter mouth.
F AmGive to me your soul,
F C G Am G FGive to me all the fishes in your wishin' bowl,
GThen go.
FI'm gettin' to know you girl..
GI've seen you with your glasses on,
G7I've seen you in your daddy's arms,
CI've seen you drive a car.
I'm gettin' to love you more With each day gone by, With each wish upon a shooting star, I wish for your love. I'm freakin' out. I run my mouth My life's a series of circles. Broken queens mile high on dreams And trips out to the autumn. Your big brown eyes go searchin' me, I want those eyes a-smilin'.
F GAnd you can leave, you can go.
C FHoney, you're a fool to think that I won't follow.
And I'm not a poet and I'm not a clown. I just think these things and then I write them down. Spin, spin, spin, it 'round again. Darlin', if you change, I'm still your friend. Spin, spin, spin, it 'round the world, You're the sun, the stars, the oceans You're just a girl. Spin, spin, spin it 'round the moon I'll be singin' with my modest lover's croon.
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