Love Is Good chords with lyrics by The Shivers - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Shivers – Love Is Good chords

SONG   | Love Is Good
ARTIST | The Shivers
ALBUM  | Phone Calls

Bm / E / G / D_______
BmLove is good and love is kind and
ELove is cold and love is blind and
G DLove will love you even if you won't.
_______ VERSE 2
BmLove is righteous, love is right and
ELove is black oh love's not white
G DI know you've heard me right.
______ CHORUS
G DI've never walked into a room and known my name.
G D F#m EmI've never looked into my face and felt the same way I felt.
GI've changed.
_________ INTERLUDE
Bm / E / G / D_______
BmLove is real and love I should and
ELove is hard and made of wood and
G DLove is just a colour in your eye.
_______ VERSE 4
BmLove is only, love is hope
ELove is lonely and love's the rope
G DI hang myself with when I hope to die.
______ CHORUS
G DI always walk into a room and call your name.
G D F#m EmI always look into your face and feel the same way I felt.
A A7Insane.
_____ OUTRO Bm / E / G / D x2 ENJOY
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