Flaming Moes chords with lyrics by The Simpsons - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Simpsons – Flaming Moes chords

Since I didnt find any good chords on this song i decided to do my own. If you 
want to play on the original tune you have to have a CAPO ON 3:rd.

D GWhen the weight of the world has got you down
A Dand you want to end your life.
GBills to pay, a dead-end job,
A - A#mand problems with the wife.
BmBut don't throw in the tow'l,
G D'cuz there's a place right down the block...
G AWhere you can drink your misery away...
D - A BmAt Flaming Moe's.... (Let's all go to Flaming Moe's [x2])
G DWhen liquor in a mug
G D -can warm you like a hug.
C# - Em A BmAnd happiness is just a Flaming Moe away...
G A DHappiness is just a Flaming Moe away...
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