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The Simpsons – Baby On Board tab

[C]Baby on [E7]board 
[A]How I've a[A7]dored 
That [Dm]sign on my [A7]car's window [Dm]pa-[A7]a-[Dm]ane 

A [G]bounce in my [G7]step 
[C]loaded with [A7]pep 
'Cause I'm [D]driving in the [D7]car [D9]pool [G]la-[Gdim]a-[G7]ane 

[C]Call me a [E7]square 
[A]friend, I don't [A7]care 
That [Dm]little yellow [A7]sign can't be ig[Dm]no-[A7]o-[Dm]ored 

I'm telling [F]you it's mighty [F#dim]nice 
Each trip's a [C]trip to [B]par[Bb]a[A]dise 
[A7]With my [D7]baby [G7] [G+]on [C]board [G7] [C]
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