Union Strike Folk Song chords with lyrics by The Simpsons - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Simpsons – Union Strike Folk Song chords

The other version seems fairly off, so here's the real deal:

The song's in Fm, so just put a capo on the first fret and play in the key of Em, just like the guy (or girl) who played
this on the recording. Or tune the guitar up one half step. To view the simpler chords just select "Transpose Down 1 Half Step" on the upper right area of this page.
Fm Come gather 'round children,
EbIt's high time ye learned,
Fm 'Bout a hero named Homer
Eb FmAnd a devil named Burns.
FmWe'll march till we drop,
EbThe girls and the fellas,
FmWe'll fight till the death
Eb FmOr else fold like umbrellas.
Ab So we'll march day and night,
EbBy the big cooling tower,
Fm They have the plant,
Eb Fm (last time last chord is Bb, not Fm)But we have the power.
Ends in Fm. P.s. if you have capo 1st fret play the now 2nd fret on the low E-string right before the chorus (sounding tone is G). Now do "Classical Gas"!
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