The Skints – Cant Take No More chords

Verse: Am, Em, Bmaj, Em

Pre Chorus: Fmaj7, Em7, Am (x3)   Fmaj7, Emaj7

Chorus: Dm, Emaj7 (x2) Dm, Am, Cmaj, Emaj7

To share your life's work is your only reward
you live by the pen and you die by the sword
i'm struggling to breathe as i fall through the floor
and i just can't take no more

i can't get no money for the music i play
i can't get no respect for the things that i say
i'm building cobwebs just to blow them away
and i just can't take no more

when i was a youth this was never the plan
thought that things would turn out better once i grew into a man
now i'm crawling in the dirt because i'm too scared to stand
and i just can't take no more

they say the struggle for power will turn your heart sour
every hour of your days
if you just can't be there inevitably you will crumble and blow away
alone, oh yeah
oh lord, oh yeah

cause there ain't no time for danger 
and there ain't no time for love
when we met we both were strangers
well i guess once push comes to shove
i don't wanna go back to a world without you

we spend these days living life on the road
we take what we can get and try to do as we're told
there's a glimmer in the distance but it's never paved in gold
and we just can't take no more

there's no guarantees for this music we play
we don't want to dissect everything that we say
no we don't believe in Jah but we're still writing dub reggae 
and we just can't take no more
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