The Skints – Murderer tab

Song: Murderer
Band: The Skints

This is probably the easiest Skints song to play.
The whole song is based around three chords:

Am F Ge|--5---5---5---5---1---1---3---3--|B|--5---5---5---5---1---1---3---3--|G|--5---5---5---5---2---2---4---4--|D|--7---7---7---7---3---3---5---5--|A|--7---7---7---7---3---3---5---5--|E|--5---5---5---5---1---1---3---3--|
That's the verse and the chorus. The intro is those three chords rung out. The bit in the middle which Josh sings is literally just an A power chord and then Am played in upbeat ska.
This is the bassline: Am F GG|-----------------------------|D|-----------------------------|A|----777777------3333335555-5-|E|--5-------5---1-----------3--|
Thats it.
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