The Smith Street Band – Sigourney Weaver chords

I'm missing a couple of fills here and there but otherwise this is pretty spot on I think.

This lead part that gets repeated throughout the song

F#I can't sleep when you're around, excitement is too much for me
B F#And if I'm going out of tune Hope you'll go along with me
F#Cause we're all such lovely people
B F# And one day we'll all find someone One day we'll all find someone
C# (Palm muted) B (Palm muted) I just hope I'm alive Hope I'm alive When it happens
F# B F# (with the lead part over the top) (Palm mute this bit)
F#We once tried to build something but we're burning it down
BAnd I think I love you
And I'm sorry everything changed after the accident
F#It's never thought that you were driving too
F#We've been here forever so long he calls you
BBy your first name and I've been here so long
F#things are starting to get a little vague
C# (Palm muted) B (Palm muted)But everybody needs Everyone needs a little shock sometimes
F# B F#
B C#And I woke up feeling like Sigourney Weaver, yeah,
F# B F# BSomething inside of me trying to get out
B C#And if this wasn't my home surely I would leave you
F# B F# BBut there's something inside of me trying to get out
B C#And lying next to you trying not to try
F# B F# BThere's something inside of me trying to get out X4
F# (let ring)And you look so beautiful with your back to me
You turn around a give me a one look vasectomy I whisper in your ear "Don't you ever disappear" And you whisper back "Don't you ever fucking touch me!"
F#Treat women like queens even after they leave
BNot sure who I miss but I know what I need
F#Some skin in the gaps where the skin used to be
F#Not even 20, but I look 45
Call it what you want, emotional blackmail or suicide
BEverything changed on the day that her father died
FShe always told me that I looked just like him
B FAlways told me that I looked just like him
C#And if I fell in the forest, there was no one else around me
BThen I'm guessing I would have to call on you
C# x2Cause no one gets lost anymore
B No one gets lost anymore
F# B F Just repeat til the end basically
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