The Traveling Wilburys – Cool Dry Place chords

     SONG: Cool Dry Place
     ALBUM: Traveling Wilburys Vol. 3

Even though this song is on "TRAVELING WILBURYS VOL. 3", this is only their second and 
final album. This song is good and easy to play. USE A CAPO ON THE SECOND FRET!!! If you 
don't, it just don't sound right

CHORDS: A/G -0- A/F# -0- A/F -0- A/E -0-| -2- -2- -2- -2-| -2- -2- -2- -2-| -2- -0- -0- -2-| -x- -x- -x- -x-| -3- -2- -1- -0-|
AWell I woke up this morning, the place was such a wreck
I couldn't reach the bathroom, thought I'd better clear the deck
DI tried to call the lawyer and asked him what to do
AHe referred me to his doctor, who referred me back to you
E A DAnd when you checked the manual you kept in side the case
D A A/G A/F# A/F A/EIt said 'put it in a cool dry place'
AI drove around the city, looking for a room
That was high above the water, where my things could be in tune
DThere was no one to help me, nobody even cared
AI had to go through hell to get those things up there
E A DI paid my first subscription, then I joined the idle race
D A A/G A/F# A/F A/Eand they said 'store it in a cool dry place'
DI got guitar, basses, amplifiers and drums
AAccordions and mandolins and things that sometimes hum
DCymbals and harmonicas, capos by the score
E A DAnd lots of things in boxes laying all around the floor
ASome places they get mildew and others get too hot
Some places are so damp that everything you got just rots
DAll kinds of condensation, a direct result of rains
AThere's not much compensation when everything's been stained
E A DSome have sentimental value that cannot be erased
D A A/G A/F# A/F A/EGo store it in a cool dry place
SOLO (Sorry, but I don't have the solo, just play the chords used in the verse)
DWe got solids and acoustics and some from plywood board
AAnd some are trimmed in leather and some are made with gourds
DThere's organs and trombones, and reverbs we can use
E A DLots of dx-7s and old athletic shoes
AI bought a great big building that took up one whole block
I made an inventory of all the things in stock
DThe place was getting longer I was up all night
AI used up all my pencils, but I went on despite
E A DThe blurring of my vision, the sweat upon my face
E A DI've got to put this stuff away, I mustn't leave a trace
E A DThe landlord's breathing down my neck, he says it's a disgrace
D A A/G A/F# A/F A/E A7So I said 'put it in a cool, dry, place.'
That's basically it for the song. Have fun with it. From, Ryan D. Kemp
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