The Traveling Wilburys – Dirty World chords

Great song by the Wilburys. There was another tab for this song, but the bridge
didn't sound right to me. I've included tips for how to play each part at the end of the tab.

E D A E x4

E A E A E A E AHe loves your sexy body. He loves your dirty mind.
E A E A E A E AHe loves when you hold him, grab him from behind.
A G#m A G#mAwwwwww, baby. You're such a pretty thing.
A G#m BI can't wait to introduce you to the other members of my gang.
***** The rest of the song uses these same three progressions and proceeds as follows: Verse Bridge Intro Verse Bridge Verse Bridge Bridge Then the Intro chords are played over the "He loves your..." lines. Then the Verse chords are played over the "It's a dirty world" outro. Here are the rest of the lyrics: ***** Every time he touches you his hair stands up on end As your legs begin to quiver and his mind begins to bend. Oh-oh, baby. You're such a tasty treat But I'm under doctor's orders. I'm afraid to overeat. He loves your sense of humor. Disposition, too. There's absolutely nothin' that he don't love about you. Aaa-oooh, baby. I'm on my hands and knees. Life would be so simple if I only had you to please. Aaa-oooh, baby. Turn around and say goodbye. You're goin' to the airport now, and I'm goin' home and cry. He loves your electric dumplings He loves your red bell peppers He loves your fuel injection He loves your Service charge He loves your five-speed gearbox He loves your long endurance He loves your quest for junk food He loves your big refrigerator He loves your tremblin' Wilbury He loves your marble earrings He loves your purple curtains He loves your power steering He loves your bottled water He loves your parts and service Dirty world, a dirty world, it's a ****ing dirty world. ***** TIPS FOR PLAYING: INTRO: Put more emphasis on the high strings for the best sound VERSE: You can just play the open chords, but to get the sound of the higher strings you hear on the record, you can play E and A as:
E Ae---7----9----|B---9----9----|G---9----9----|D---9----11---|A---7----11---|E--------9----|
and remember to emphasize the high strings. BRIDGE: The way to play this is by using barre chords:
A G#m Be---5-----4-------7---|B---5-----4-------7---|G---6-----4-------8---|D---7-----6-------9---|A---7-----6-------9---|E---5-----4-------7---|
And there you have it.
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