The Traveling Wilburys – Shes My Baby chords

She’s My Baby
Intro: C C C-A 4X 
C C C-AShe's got her pudding in the oven
And it's gonna be good She better not leave me And go out to Hollywood (STOP 8 beats, drums in early after 4)
E F#m G She got the best pudding in the neighborhood
C C C-AShe's myyyyyyyy baaaaby
She can drive a truck She can drive a train (my baby, m-my-my baby) She can even drive an aeroplane (STOP 8 beats, drums in after 4)
E F#m GShe's so good to look at in the rain
C C C-AShe's myyyyyyyyyyyyyy baaaaaaby
DShe's comin' down the sidewalk
AShe's stumblin' through the door
DShe's coming home from places
AShe's never been before
DShe sits down on the sofa
AShe pours herself a drink
F#m G Says, "Ooh honey, honey ain't no time to think"
C C C-AMyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy baaaaaby
Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy baaaaaby Solo over verse
C C C-AMyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy baaaaaaby
D She's got a body for business
A Got a head for sin
DShe knocks me over like a bowling pin
D AShe came home last night and said,
F#m G"Honey, honey, honey it's hard to get ahead"
C C C-AMyyyyyyyyyyyyy baaaaaby
Myyyyyyyyyyyyy baaaaaby
C C C-AShe can build a boat
She can make it float (My baby, m-my-my baby) She can play my guitar note for note (STOP 8 beats drums in after 4)
E F#m GShe likes to stick her tongue right down my throat
C C C-AShe's my baby
My baby My baby My baby
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