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The Word Alive – The Wretched tab

Another TWA song!!! :DD this is definitely an awesome song and I'm glad I have theto make the first tab. Let's get started!\\= Tremolo pick that shit!Intro: \\ \\ \\ \\D-----------------|A-15---15--15-15--|F-14---12--15-14--| (2X) YOU'RE DEAD TO MEC-12---12--12-12--|G-----------------|C-----------------|
Repeat that for the intro breakdown and then go into the first verse!
Verse 1:play each section of 3 notes 4 times then let the highest note ring. (for example with thefirst section of 3 you will play the 14 one for time at the end of the phrase and let ring)D---------------------------------------------------------------------|A---------------------------------------------------------------------|F-14P10-------12p9-----18p12-----19p14---| (4X) last 2 times play 18--|th fret on the AC------12---------10--------14--------15------------------------------|string at the end
the final phrase. ListenG---------------------------------------------------------------------|to the song and
know what I mean.C---------------------------------------------------------------------|
Chorus:Ok Zach's part was really hard for me to hear, so I didn't put it on this tab yet.. I'mputting the rhythm guitar part.\\ \\ \\D----------------|A----------------|F-7--9--10-------| Play one open C power chord and hold it out over "We won't follow theC-7--9--10--0----|deceiver." partG-5--7--8---0----|C-----------0----|
Repeat the intro until it goes into the second verse.
Verse 2:D------------------------------------------|A------------------------------------------|F-14P10-------12p9-----18p12-----19p14-----| (2X)C------12---------10--------14--------15---|G------------------------------------------|C------------------------------------------|
Chorus:\\ \\ \\D----------------|A----------------|F-7--9--10-------| Play open C power chord over "We won't follow theC-7--9--10--0----|deceiver." partG-5--7--8---0----|C-----------0----|
Bridge:\\ \\ \\ \\ \\D---------------|A---------------|F-7--5--3--5--7-| (2X)C-7--5--3--5--7-|G-5--3--1--3--5-|C---------------|
Next is just a breakdown. Basic rhythms. You know I'm lazy :P after the synth is this:
D--------------------------------------------------|A--------------------------------------------------|F--------------------------------------------------| (4X) I thinkC-0-0-0-0-0--------------------0-0-0-0-------------|G-0-0-0-0-0---9h10h12--7h8h10--0-0-0-0-------------|C-0-0-0-0-0----------0---------0-0-0-0--4h5h7-1h3h4|
Then just repeat the chorus, then the bridge, then one more mini breakdown that leads into one of my favorite lines. "So don't act like you don't know!" Hope you enjoyed this surprisingly easy TWA song (of course without the crazy chorus I mean :p) Rate it high and watch out for more tabs from their new album "deceiver." who else is buying it for sure??!!
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