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~From: (Alex Reed (LX))

Self Called Nowhere
by They Might Be Giants
from John Henry
transcribed by Alex Reed

Gm                 D          F             E
I'm sitting on the curb in an empty parking lot

       Cm               D4     D        G        E
By the store where they let me play the organ

    Am            Am w/ major 7  Cm           Eflat m
I'm Waiting for a ride but  I    want to wait inside

    Bflat            E               Bflat
The store where they let me play the organ

        Eflat m              F
But I'm thinking of a wooden chair

       Eflat m                F
In the room at the top of the stair

  Eflat m                    no chord
(something  - I don't have the lyrics with me)

chorus chords:
D just before second verse

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