Drink! tab with lyrics by They Might Be Giants - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

They Might Be Giants – Drink! tab

This song is off of their mink car album which is a fine, fine disc. 
Strum the first verse and the chorus and on the other verses pick base 4 strum.

            C        G            F        G          C           G          
I'll take back my piniata it's waisted on you just spinning the pool cue all 
F          G        C              G               F          G
over the room and give back the blindfold that's under your shoe.

       C      G        F          G        C    G                F         G
lets drink drink this town is so great, drink drink cause it's never too late 
     C     G       F        G          C          G          F        C    
to drink drink to no big suprise but what words rhyme with barried alive.)

           C     G              F        G     C              G         F       
You could be a float for the fourth of July, based on your theme of wallflowers 
  G                C                  G        F               G
grown wild, just look throught the peephole you've won every prize.


          C     G              F        G            C        G       F
In your monkey suit on your cigarette break, the lunchtime crowd it won't even 
  G          C       G    F        G       (C     G  F G strum 1x each)        
blink. But you'd be sad, if they did but you'll be sad.  

  C          G          F       C(strum each once on the last line)
what words rhyme with barried alive.
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