Tiffany – All This Time tab

 Date: Tuesday,March 07, 2006
 From: Bernard Barte
 Type: Chords
 Song Title:All This Time
 By        :Tiffany
 Transcribe:Bernard Barte
 Tuning    :Standard 

 INTRO: D-F#m-G-A-(2x)

 verse I:

 D    A     G
 All this time
    Em     D            Em      D
 I know someday you'll need to find 
 G        F#m         Em      D
 Somethin that youve left behind
 G        F#m     D     A
 Somethin I cant give you

 verse II:

 D     A     G
 All these tears
      Em      D         Em    D
 When I come back love disapears
       G        F#m     Em    D
 But hearts so good for souvenirs
       G      F#m    Em
 And mem'ries are forever

  A        D
 All this time 
  G     A       D       G
 On and on I've no regrets
      Em         A          D        G
 The sun still shines, the sun still sets
          Em      A           F#7     Bm
 And the heart forgives, the heart forgets
      G       F#m     Em      A
 Oh, what will I do now with all this time(intro once)

 same chords sa verse I.

 verse III.
 One more kiss 
 Even though its gone to this
 I close my eyes and make a wish
 Hoping youll remember

 repeat chorus except last word

  F#m   G
 Say goodbye
  Em          A       D 
 Apart, well make another try
        G F#m  Em           D
 Let's all be sorry if you cry
  G       F#m   Em-A     D 
 I'll be cryin too this day
Adlib:D-G-A-D-G- Em-A-D-G- Em-A-F#7-Em G-F#m-Em-A
Repeat chorus except last word G F#m Em A (intro once)(hold)-B What will i do now with all this time ==========END========== Question of comments email me at That's All folks!!!
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