Tiffany - If Love Is Blind tab

If Love is Blind
by Tiffany

Tab by : Ivan of Ceu Makati

G               D
People say that your no good
for me
              C   D   G
People say it constantly
G               D
i hear it said so much
    Em           C   D
i repeat it in my sleep.

G               D           Em
Maybe I am just a fool for u
                C   D   G
maybe your so no angel too
G               D
but all that talk is cheap
    Em           C   D
when im alone with you.

If love is blind,
     Em           D   C  D
I'll find my way with you
       G          Em
cause i cant see myself
   C     Cm
in love with you
If love is blind,
      Em     C     G
I'll find my way with you

G               D       Em
All the world is crazy anyway
Does it matter what they say
   G       Em
if im the one thats wrong
      C             D
then let it be my mistake


You wouldn't be w/ me tonight
if i didn't feel i was right
what will it matter anyhow
in hundred years from now?

Guitar Solo

~~~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~----------------------------|------15--F^17-17--15------------15-15----------------------|--F^15------17-15-----------|-----------------17--------------15-15----------------------|------------------F^14-14-12|-14H17--------------------12H15--------14-12--12-F^14-14-12-|----------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------|
~~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~------------------------12----12-15-17--F^17----17-15-19-F^19-19--20-22-F^22-22----------|------------------12H15----15------------------------------------------------------------|-14Po12-14--F^14-------------------------------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
H - Hammer on Po - Pull off F^ - Full bend ~ - Vibrato CSIS
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