Toby Keith – White Rose chords

I couldn't find the chords any where so I made this from ear. 

White Rose – Toby Keith

Capo 2

G, C, D, G (X4)
GYea, the whole town came out to watch
CThe day the paved the parking lot
DSomebody hung a ribbon up,
CAnd then they cut it down
And that big white rose upon that sign Put innocence in all our lives We could see its neon light from half a mile out Gas was .50 cents a gallon They'd put it in for you they'd bump your tires and check your oil, And wash your windows too And We'd shine those cars bright as bright We'd go park underneath that light Stare out at the prairie sky There was nothing else to do Chorus
G CAnd now there's plywood for glass
G DWhere the windows all got smashed
G CAnd there's just a chunk a'concrete
G DWhere those old pumps used to stand
G CThere's a couple a'cars half outta the ground
G D And that old sign still spins 'round 'n 'round
G C G I guess the White Rose fillin' station's just a memory now
And the girls would spend a couple of bucks Just to meet the boys workin' at the pumps And we'd pull up and fall in love And they've all moved away Strangers used to stop and ask How far they've driven off the map And then they built that overpass And now they stay out on the highway Chorus And that neon sign was the heart and soul of this ol' one horse town And it's like it lost its will to live The day they shut it down Chorus
G C GYea that ol' White Rose fillin' station's just a memory now
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